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Our company is a family company, it was founded early in the 20th century. In those times Luis Cremades Garcia and Carmen Belmonte Navarro started dedicating in the almond sector in farms of their own. After, the family moved to Mayor Street in Alcantarilla, where they installed the first mechanic machines for cracking the almonds.

In 1944, Luis Cremades Garcia founded a society, installing in the company Borrell cracking machines.

In 1987 Luis Cremades Belmonte founded the company Luis Cremades Belmonte e Hijos S.A. The social objective of the company was the cracking and manipulating of the almonds and apricot kernels.

In the Same year 1987, the company moved to Ctra. De Barqueros, inside the municipal city of Alcantarilla, with 1000m2 facilities and with an area of 20.000m2. In this facilities the cracking and selecting machines of the almond kernels were installed.

Actually, our company has a 24000m2 area, and 4000 m2 facilities, where the almonds are cracked, selected, peeled and industrialized, counting with the most recent technological advances, innovating each day to offer a complete service to our customers.

We have implanted the Iso 9001 quality system with Bureau Beritas company, in addition we have organic almonds certifications.


We are specialized in cultivating, storing, cracking, sizing, blanching and processing the almonds..


Our family is growing almonds in our own orchards since several generations ago, and the main varieties are Garrigues, Ramillete, Antonieta, Colorada, Guara y Ferrañes either conventional or organic qualities. All the products of our area the best ones concerning quality and taste due to our climate.


Our products are stored according to the most exigent conditions to preserve the best quality and processing.
Almonds are harvested by farmers of our area as well as from our own orchards, ant it is taken to our stores for later processing. Almonds are wet during some hours to avoid damages when cracking them, as the shell becomes softer. Then their cracked going through electronic machines to remove all the impurities. Then kernels are dried and cooled for a last selection.
Almonds are calibrated in different sizes. According to our clients requirements, and getting uniform sizes form length and width.


During the process the almond undergoes high temperature water treatment (90-100 degrees) so it softens the kernel’s skin. This is followed by passing the kernel through a blanching machine which removes the soften skin.

This Kernel is dried naturally. Once the nuts have been dried, the impurities are separated from the kernel with an electronic machine. Later, the kernel is sent into a cooler where the moisture is eliminated. The almonds are selected according to their colours with high accuracy machines, after that, the almond is visually revised, in addition it is revised in a metal detector. Finally the almonds are packed.

The almond is soften in an “elasticizer” being cut in the slices or slivers machine, later the almond is cooled, it comes again to its natural state, later we size the merchandise, small particles are discarded, and finally the merchandise is packed.
Once the nuts have been processed they are stored in refrigerated chambers to be preserved in their natural state and with the optimal temperature. This process is controlled by computer systems in the quality controlled department.

We make a point in only using natural methods in the process ( the product is only manipulated with 100% natural water). We also process organic almonds.
Due to our climate we produce the earliest almonds in the world.

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