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Our company is a family company founded early XX century. Luis Cremades Garcia and his wife Carmen Belmonte Navarro started to work in the almond business in their property located in Cuesta Blanca, Sangonera la Seca (Murcia). In the first times they bought almonds from small farmers and withdrawing their purchases with carts and horses, then they cracked such almonds by hand and selling separately kernels and shells.

View of one our growing almond-tress plantations
Some time later the family moved to Calle Mayor in Alcantarilla with the first cracking machines of Borrell.

Luis Cremades Garcia creates a company in 1944 together with the families Molina Verdu and 35 years later, exactly on 1979 the company Sucesores de Luis Cremades is formed by the brothers Antonio, Joaquin, Antonia and Luis Cremades Belmonte.

In 1985, the main activity of Luis Cremades Belmonte is the building Industry but keeping the contact with the almond industry.

New building in Alcantarilla in 1944

Cracking machine in 1967
Two years later, in 1987, Luis Cremades Belmonte founds the society Luis Cremades Belmonte e Hijos S.A., formed by himself, his wife Josefa Hernandez Pujante, together with his children Mari Carmen, Luis Jose, Francisco Antonio, Joaquin Javier and Ana María Cremades Hernandez. The main activity of this company is cracking and selection of both almonds and apricot kernels, as well as purchases and sales of soil and promoting and selling new buildings and apartments.

The company moves to Ctra. De Barqueros, in Alcantarilla area, with a building of 1000 square meters and a warehouse with 20.000 square meters setting here all the new machines.

Our company has at this moment a surface of 24.000m2 plus 4.000m2 of buildings for cracking, selecting and blanching almonds, as well as modern machinery to produce sliced, slivered and diced almonds, improving our production and services to all our clients.

Present View of our factory in Ctra. De Barqueros

Our Company is processing and commercialize the whole production of Cooperativa Almendras del Sureste S.C.L.

This cooperative has almond-trees of 5000 Ha and a production of 1000 tons of shelled almonds with typical varieties of our region 100% sweet such as Ramillete, Garrigues, Larguetas, Ferragnes, Marconas, Coloradas.

We enjoy a very fine weather and consequently we have the earliest harvesting existing in the world.

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